Private e-scooters not illegal in 80% of countries, Halfords research finds

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New research from UK-based retailer Halfords has revealed that private e-scooters are not illegal in 80% of countries around the world.

It is currently illegal to ride private e-scooters on public roads in the UK, while a trial shared scheme is currently underway across the country.

Planet E-scooter, created in collaboration with manufacturer Xiaomi, is an interactive world map that shows the countries in which e-scooters are legal and where they can be riden.

The research finds that private e-scooters are either legal or not legislated on in 80% of countries, although how they are treated by law differs greatly from country to country.

Based in Redditch with stores across the UK and Ireland, Halfords is “advocating for a clear framework and regulation that makes e-scooters safe to ride on the UK’s roads” and has been calling for action over the last year.

“From the increasing e-scooter demand we’re seeing in the UK; it seems like the public may not be aware of the legality of e-scooters,” said Matt Banks, Halfords e-mobility expert.

“This interactive map will give people an insight into how legislations vary from one country to another.

“Along with e-bikes, the safe use of e-scooters has the potential to revolutionise the way we travel and with new legislation they potentially could offer a greener and safer alternative to those who wish to avoid public transport at this time.”

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