Spin partners with Moovit across 23 cities in the UK, Spain and Germany

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Shared e-scooter operator Spin has partnered with urban mobility app Moovit across 23 cities in the UK, Spain and Germany.

Moovit users have been able locate Spin e-scooters directly through the app since 3 August, with the integration announced a week after the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) firm partnered with fellow shared e-scooter operator Lime.

The Moovit app now shows riders how long it will take to walk to the nearest e-scooter and its battery range, before directing them to the Spin app to complete the hire.

Spin has e-scooter fleets across Europe and has taken part in the UK e-scooter trials across five locations over the past year, while Moovit has served over one billion users around the world in 112 countries and offers its service in over 1,500 cities across Europe and the Middle East.

A recent rider survey showed that 82 per cent of Spin riders in the UK choose to use e-scooters for short journeys instead of driving alone at least once since the launch of the scheme and Country Manager for UK & Ireland Steve Pyer said that the partnership would help further popularise the service.

“We are excited that this partnership will allow us to reach a broader customer base, particularly those who already use public transport for getting around but have not yet heard of Spin’s e-scooter hire scheme in Essex and in Milton Keynes,” he told Zag.

“As more people discover the e-scooters in the app we anticipate that more people will start to consider taking multimodal journeys and integrate them into their daily commute and running errands.

“By making the hire scheme more visible to the general public we are raising awareness around the fact that e-scooters serve as a fun, green and efficient alternative transport mode, specifically  for the first and last mile leg of the journey.”

Alex Nesic, the co-founder of micromobility technology firm Drover AI, welcomed the partnership.

“This partnership between Spin and Moovit will make it easier for people to have access to micromobility as part of their urban journeys, while using their preferred mobile app,” he told Zag.

“Integration of multiple modalities across various platforms is a great way to increase awareness and adoption, further enhancing the overall value of MaaS.”

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